Complete your membership form (found on the Resources page) and bring it to the club when you drop in.  If you have not been a member of the club in the previous year we also require a completed liability waiver and Medical Questionnaire to be filled out and witnessed.  You are also required to fill out a Medical Questionnaire if your medical condition has changed from the one we would have on file or if you are applying for new membership.  All forms may be downloaded from the Resources page.

Type Description Fees
  • Serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member and their families
  • Former CAF member and their families
  • Foreign military member serving with the CAF and their families


  • Current DND Public Servants
  • Current Staff of the Non-Public Funds (NPF)
  • Current Staff of Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs)
  • Current Staff of Defence Research and Development Canada and Defence Construction Canada
  • RCMP
  • Honorary Colonels/Captains (N) and Honorary LieutenantColonels/ Commanders
  • Former Staff of NPF receiving a pension
  • Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity


  • All others who pay or are invited to belong to clubs and programs


Please make all cheques payable to Base Fund.