The Dolphin Scuba Club exists to provide a venue to aid divers of the base community to enjoy the diving in the Kingston area.  It provides  a number of dive services including gear rentals, air fills, basic and advanced scuba training as well as organizing a number of dive activities throughout the year.

Club members come from Kingston's military community and its friends. If you feel you fit into either of these categories there is a welcome place for you in our club.   Please contact the club Secretary to join.

The club benefits from the use of the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre.  The club's room is directly off the pool deck near the deep end which is a great convenience for training courses as well as club pool activities (predominant during the winter months).  The club also has a door directly to the outside (see map) with close vehicle access which it uses as the principal entrance.

Complete your membership form (found on the Resources page) and bring it to the club when you drop in.  If you have not been a member of the club in the previous year we also require a completed liability waiver and Medical Questionnaire to be filled out and witnessed.  You are also required to fill out a Medical Questionnaire if your medical condition has changed from the one we would have on file or if you are applying for new membership.  All forms may be downloaded from the Resources page.

Prices shown in brackets are for ages 12-20.
Dependant children are aged 20 or less or full time students up to 24 years old.
Associate pricing reflects a NPF mandated remittance fees for Associate members.

Type Description Fees
Regular CF active duty and reserve, accredited foreign military and dependants of foregoing


Ordinary Retired military, current DND, NPF employees, and dependants of foregoing


Associate All other Kingston area residents, including Federal, Provincial or Municipal employees



Please make all cheques payable to Base Fund.

Electronic Mail



Matt Charlesworth

Bill Courcy

Vice President

Guillaume Courcy



Adam Keretschko



Terra Langlois


Equipment  Manager

Mike Hill


Chief Instructor

Rich Langlois


Technical Safety Officer

Gaetan Grondin

AlfalfaActivities Coordinator

Katherine Porter



Todd Vanderklooster



Charlotte Nettie 

Postal Address

Dolphin Scuba Club
CFB Kingston
P.O. Box 17000, Stn Forces
K7K 7B4